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Snack Time Delights Gift Box

Snack Time Delights Gift Box

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This Snack Time Delights Curated Gift Box offers a diverse selection of flavors and textures, from the indulgent combination of dark chocolate and coffee beans to the fruity sweetness of cherry licorice, savory chips, and an array of candy bar flavors. The inclusion of cold brew coffee and a tumbler ensures that you have everything you need for a satisfying snack break. Whether you're enjoying it solo or sharing with friends and family, this box is designed to bring joy to your snacking moments.

Ang + Co Tumbler: This tumbler by Ang + Co is not only a practical vessel for your cold brew or latte, but also a fun and stylish accessory. The playful Lakeside Cafe tagline, "Devils Lake Made Me Do It" inscription adds a touch of humor to your snack time.

Sweet Roots by Happy Bites Cherry Licorice: A sweet and fruity treat made with the natural flavor of cherries. This licorice offers a chewy and satisfying snack that's perfect for those who enjoy a classic candy experience.

Great Lakes Chips: Gourmet potato chips known for their crispy texture and exceptional taste. These chips make for a satisfying and savory snack.

Zingerman's Candy Manufactory Peanut Brittle Pouch: Classic peanut brittle, a beloved confection with the perfect balance of crunchy, buttery sweetness and roasted peanut flavor. 

Zingerman's Candy Manufactory Mini Candy Bar Assortment: This assortment is a sweet indulgence that can provide moments of joy and sweetness when needed most. Old fashioned candy bars. Zzang! Original - Honey nougat made with natural peanut butter. They roll it up in silky caramel made from organic muscovado brown sugar. Big Virginia peanuts come next, and the whole endeavor is finished off with a dip into a rich bath of 64 percent dark Colombian chocolate. Ca$hew Cow - Cashew butter, roasted cashews, our own cashew brittle and a bit of puffed rice, milk chocolate and just a smidge of sea salt. Dipped in dark chocolate. An appropriate bar for anyone with a career in finance. What the Fudge? If you turned a hunk of fudge into a candy bar, this is what you'd get. Layers of milk chocolate fudge, muscovado brown sugar caramel, and malted milk cream fondant make this the sweetest bar on our shelves. Great for kids of all ages. Peanut Butter Crush - Smooth peanut butter and crisped rice mixed with bits of peanut brittle and covered in dark chocolate. A crunchy twist on a classic combination. Milk Chocolate Karamel Krunch - Muscovado brown sugar caramel mixed with crisped rice, enrobed in milk chocolate. Sweet and light.

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