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A Taste of Lakeside Love: The Journey of Diann, Al, and Kelly

Once upon a time in Manitou Beach, Michigan, nestled beside the serene waters of Devils Lake, there lived three individuals who shared a common vision - to bring joy, comfort, and a touch of local charm to their beloved community. This is the heartwarming tale of Diann, Al Muck, and Kelly Stickel and their culinary adventure that began with the Lakeside Cafe and eventually led to the creation of the Lakeside Cafe Pantry.

Chapter 1: A Lakeside Opportunity

Diann and Al have been residents of Manitou Beach for many years. Their roots are intertwined with the community, and they are inspired by the beauty and tranquility that Devils Lake offers and made it their retirement home. They heard the local cafe was going to close. The cafe was the heart of the village, a gathering place.

Together with their daughter Kelly, who relocated from Chicago and has a passion for community, retail and commerce, they embarked on a journey to keep the cafe growing. The Lakeside Cafe was born, nestled on the shores of Devils Lake in Michigan, offering a seasonal menu of homemade dishes with a dash of local flavor, along with amazing coffee, pastry and baked bread partners.

Chapter 2: A Seasonal Haven

The Lakeside Cafe is a cherished spot for locals and tourists alike. Diann and Al pour their hearts into every dish, ensuring that each meal offered a slice of the lakeside's natural beauty and a taste of the community's warmth. Whether it is a sunrise breakfast, a leisurely lunch with friends, ice cream celebrations, or a lighter-fare lunch, the Lakeside Cafe has something for everyone.

Chapter 3: The Birth of an Idea

While the Lakeside Cafe flourished during the sunny seasons, there is something missing during the rest of the year. Diann, Al, and Kelly recognized that the sense of community and the delight in local flavors could extend beyond the cafe's opening hours. That's when the idea for the Lakeside Cafe Pantry was born.

They noticed that their community, and others like it, needed a way to share the love and warmth of Manitou Beach year-round. They realized that they could curate the flavors and experiences of the Lakeside Cafe into a series of delightful gift baskets that celebrated the region's artisanal products, reflecting the unique charm of Devils and Round Lake, as well as, the greater Irish Hills Community.

Chapter 4: The Lakeside Cafe Pantry

The Lakeside Cafe Pantry is a labor of love. Diann, Al, and Kelly work closely with local businesses to handpick the finest products, from artisanal jams and syrups to savory snacks and sweets. Each item is carefully selected to evoke the essence of the Irish Hills and the Lakeside Cafe's commitment to quality and community.

The curated gift boxes aren't just collections of items; they are a way to send a piece of the Lakeside Cafe's warmth to friends, family, and anyone in need of a little comfort. These thoughtfully designed packages allowed people to share a taste of the lakeside's magic, no matter where they were.

Chapter 5: A Community United

The Lakeside Cafe and Lakeside Cafe Pantry are more than just business lines; they are now part of the heart and soul of Manitou Beach Village. They symbolized the spirit of a community that cared deeply for its residents and guests, offering a place of solace, connection, and shared moments.

Diann, Al and Kelly had not only realized their dream of bringing joy to their community, but they are creating a beacon of warmth and a haven for those seeking a little respite and a taste of Lakeside love.