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Sympathy Gift Box - Blueberry Coffee Cake

Sympathy Gift Box - Blueberry Coffee Cake

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The Sympathy Gift Box is a thoughtfully curated collection of comforting and heartwarming treats, designed to offer solace and support during times of grief and loss. Each item in this curated selection is chosen to offer comfort and a moment of respite during difficult times. Whether it's the fruity sweetness of the licorice, the warmth of the coffee, the comforting flavors of the coffee cake and pumpkin butter, or the delightful variety of candy bars, this gift box extends a heartfelt message of sympathy and solace to those in need. Here's a detailed description of the items included in this gift box:

Bliss Bake Shop Blueberry Crumble Coffee Cake: The gift box features a delightful Blueberry Crumble Coffee Cake from Bliss Bake Shop. This moist and flavorful coffee cake is bursting with fresh blue berries and crumbly sweet goodness, offering a comforting and indulgent treat for the recipient or their guests.

Sweet Roots by Happy Bites Black and Cherry Licorice: Sweet and bitter chewy snacks infused with the deep and rich flavors.. Its delightful cherry sweetness provides a comforting and familiar taste, perfect for moments of solace. While the contrasting comes from the licorice root extract, which imparts a mildly sweet and somewhat earthy or anise-like flavor. Some people describe it as having hints of molasses, fennel, or even a slight medicinal taste giving comforting memories of times gone by.

Zingerman's Costa Rica Coffee Beans: These coffee beans are known for their exceptional quality, delivering a rich and aromatic brew that can provide a soothing and warm beverage during difficult times. Wonderfully balanced medium roast and caramelly with honey-like sweetness. A single-estate, natural process coffee from Costa Rica’s Hacienda Miramonte. Most beans from Costa Rica are processed using a “washed” method that uses water to remove the coffee fruit from the bean inside.

Doodle's Pumpkin Butter: A velvety and spiced spread that captures the essence of fall. Its comforting flavor can be enjoyed on toast, crackers, or baked goods, adding a touch of warmth and nostalgia to every bite.

Zingerman's Candy Manufactory Mini Candy Bar Assortment: This assortment is a sweet indulgence that can provide moments of joy and sweetness when needed most. Old fashioned candy bars. Zzang! Original - Honey nougat made with natural peanut butter. They roll it up in silky caramel made from organic muscovado brown sugar. Big Virginia peanuts come next, and the whole endeavor is finished off with a dip into a rich bath of 64 percent dark Colombian chocolate. Ca$hew Cow - Cashew butter, roasted cashews, our own cashew brittle and a bit of puffed rice, milk chocolate and just a smidge of sea salt. Dipped in dark chocolate. An appropriate bar for anyone with a career in finance. What the Fudge? If you turned a hunk of fudge into a candy bar, this is what you'd get. Layers of milk chocolate fudge, muscovado brown sugar caramel, and malted milk cream fondant make this the sweetest bar on our shelves. Great for kids of all ages. Peanut Butter Crush - Smooth peanut butter and crisped rice mixed with bits of peanut brittle and covered in dark chocolate. A crunchy twist on a classic combination. Milk Chocolate Karamel Krunch - Muscovado brown sugar caramel mixed with crisped rice, enrobed in milk chocolate. Sweet and light.

*Round wooden box not included.

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